Today’s Albums 02.17.2017


These albums bring their own unique funk-vibe to my ears. I forgot how much I liked Futuresex / Lovesounds. I’m glad this was released on vinyl. And Solange gives me chills. What a great album!

Steven A. Clark ‎   The Lonely Roller
Do you ever come across a release and think, “How the Hell is this not huge yet?” That’s the easiest way to go into this wonderful debut, even if it’s a tad bold. To be fair, it’s a great time for quality R&B anyway, with The Weeknd and Frank Ocean proving that you can take your music and lyrics seriously and be successful; you don’t have to dumb it down for the weekend club warriors. That’s a good thing for newcomer Steven A. Clark, whose semi-autobiographical lyrics tell of a darker side to R&B. As he says, “Rhythm and blues ain’t all candy and hearts… Tapping into the darker side helps make a song more real, and keeps things fresh.” Steven’s music finds a perfect balance of telling these truer to life stories within the context of shiny, bright music. – New Noise Magazine

Little Dragon
   Little Dragon
This is music for lazy days in the park, late night trains, and small gatherings with… – BBC

Ohio Players
 ‎   Skin Tight
Skin Tight was a major turning point for the Ohio Players, who had enjoyed several hits on black radio (including “Pain,” “Funky Worm,” “Varee Is Love,” and “I Wanna Hear From You”) but hadn’t been huge. Switching from Westbound to Mercury, the Dayton funksters became exactly that — huge — and went from enjoying a cult following to being one of the most celebrated funk bands of the 1970s. – AllMusic

Erykah Badu
 ‎   But You Caint Use My Phone
But You Caint Use My Phone is a mixtape in the true hip-hop sense, as it largely finds Erykah Badu putting her spin on other artists’ songs. Created alongside a young producer and fellow Dallas denizen named Zach Witness in just 12 days, and featuring a guest spot from André 3000, the tape feels off-the-cuff, yet also steeped in history and wisdom. – Pitchfork

   Yes Lawd!
Yes Lawd! is another accomplishment in Anderson .Paak’s continued rise, a beautiful beat tape made with the producer Knxwledge that nods to classic Stones Throw duos. – Pitchfork

  A Seat At The Table
Solange’s new record is stunning, a thematically unified and musically adventurous statement on the pain and joy of black womanhood. – Pitchfork

Justin Timberlake
‎  Futuresex / Lovesounds
The pop star offers his ambitious, grandiose sophomore album: Almost entirely produced by Timbaland– and with a more pronounced hip-hop edge than its predecessor– the album abandons the feelgood sheen which the Neptunes peddled so adroitly on his debut, Justified, but makes up for it with the largesse of its sonic embrace. – Pitchfork

Gabriel Garzón-Montano
 ‎  Jardín
Gabriel Garzón-Montano became famous when Drake sampled his voice for “Jungle,” but his debut album stands on its own, heavy on pearly funk and pop, live instrumentation and harmony. – Pitchfork

Shy Girls
 ‎   Salt
Shy Girls, the project of Portland’s Dan Vidmar, has been on our radar for over three years, and his debut album is out now. Rather than rushing out an album after the success of dreamy, hazy R&B tracks like “Under Attack” and “Second Heartbeat,” Salt gives the impression that Vidmar has taken the time to sharpen his songwriting and become more confident in his own vocals. – Pigeons And Planes



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