Less Facebook


Today I decided to take a vacation from Facebook. The political views from both sides were more than I could handle. I had unfollowed many people, but that really wasn’t the cure. I didn’t want to delete people, I just needed a break. Again, I could have just easily stayed away for a little while, but I wanted to shut my wall down so no one could go through my posts or leave comments, trying to persuade me back.

I won’t stay away forever. Just long enough to breath. I have family and friends on there that I don’t have their phone numbers or email. Facebook is our only way to communicate, and sometimes, that’s just enough. Also, I’m not ready to let go of Facebook pages of people who have died. If I delete my account, I’ll never be able to connect with their Facebook pages, again. Sometimes I need to scroll through their old posts just to remember things I forgot about.

I think when I go back, I’m really going to delete people. If they haven’t reached out to me in over a year, they’re getting cut. They don’t deserve to spy on my wall if they can’t even talk to me.


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