Today’s Albums 01.012.2017


Today was a mix of electronic music, ranging from ambient, rock, and pop.

Yohuna ‎  Patientness
The delicate songs of the nomadic singer-songwriter have the ability to turn the wildest emotions into something calm and centered. – Pitchfork

Lorenzo Senni ‎  Persona
On his Warp debut, the Italian producer Lorenzo Senni deploys a Roland JP8000 synthesizer to isolate the builds and breakdowns of trance, to thrilling effect. – Pitchfork

LRKR ‎  Getting Along

Illum Sphere ‎  Glass
Glass marks a huge progression for Illum Sphere. On first listen there seem to be less hooks to hang your hat on. However, on repeat listens it becomes apparent just how clever he has been. Soon, keyboard riffs, however fleeting, embed themselves in your brain. Although, at times, it is a chilly and detached album, it’s not a solemn one. There’s a bleakness to it, but there is still plenty to keep the feet moving—even if it is just to keep yourself warm. In a year with so many great immersive electronic albums, this could well be one of the finest of the lot. – Pop Matters

Blockhead ‎  Bells And Whistles
Earlier this month, Manhattan-based hip-hop producer Tony Simon released his sixth solo album under the moniker Blockhead. After years of producing for high-cred rappers like Aesop Rock, Blockhead now stands firmly on his own having released a slew of albums on legendary UK label Ninja Tune. His latest, Bells and Whistles, is notably his first self-released project. The album features Blockhead’s signature instrumental hip-hop, stacking laidback beats interwoven with worldly instrumentals and samples from bygone eras. While certain tracks such as ”Sacrificial Santa” get a bit more in the vein of standard hip-hop, Blockhead’s style is such a unique blend that you never know quite what to expect. – The UNTZ

65daysofstatic ‎  No Man’s Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe
65daysofstatic are no strangers to scoring science fiction, having previously provided a re-score to the inexplicably-beloved-by-Mark-Kermode Seventies sci-fi ‘classic’ Silent Runnings. With this soundtrack to computer game No Man’s Skythough the stakes are considerably higher. This might not be apparent to non-gamers, so here’s just a tiny snippet of background: No Man’s Sky is a video game with enormous expectations heaped upon it. It promises the player the chance to explore 18 quintillion different possible planets; a game of a scope never before seen or even attempted. At the time of writing it is yet to be released and it is impossible to say whether it will be a game-changing work of genius or an overambitious flop. This soundtrack can’t tell us whether the game is any good or not, but it certainly gives a lot of clues as to what kind of a gaming experience we can expect and a sense of the flavour and atmosphere that Hello Games are trying to create. – Drowned In Sound


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