This is our new deer head. I love the mix of rustic and antique pieces in a modern house. We have a very rectangle house with clean lines and minimal trims. We’ve decided to juxtapose the minimal fireplace with a taxidermy animal. This was the plan all along.

After getting the deer head, I have to say, old feelings from when I was a kid came flooding back to me. I was never a fan of hunting. I saw it as a sport, not a necessity. I felt so sad for this deer. It’s like he’s looking at me, holding up his pride even in death. I didn’t know it would make me think of these things. I didn’t see it as just a decorative piece anymore.

He wasn’t killed for sport and taken for no reason. He fed several families. Just like a cow does. I probably had some of this animal in my freezer at some point. I could never be a vegetarian, which means, some animals are needed to provide me nutrients. As long as it’s done humanly and not just to increase testosterone bragging rights among other beer-chuggers, I’m ok with it. I could never pull the trigger, though.


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