Today’s Albums 01.05.2017


Nine Inch Nails ‎  Pretty Hate Machine

I bought this when it came out 1989 on cd. This album blew me away! There were many bands that led the way for Trent Reznor’s sound, but I grew up on top 40. There weren’t many stations to choose from, and industrial music wasn’t represented. The whole album energized me, starting with the loud and pounding Head Like A Hole, all the way to the quiet and ominous Something I Can Never Have, which was used in the movie Natural Born Killers. (That’s a kick-ass soundtrack, btw. I have that on vinyl, too.)

David Bowie ‎  ★ (Blackstar)

What an emotionally, dark album. Knowing he was terminally ill with liver cancer, David Bowie made his final album. A great big goodbye from one of the most influential artists of our time. I don’t need to tell you how good this is. Just get it.

Guns N’ Roses ‎  Appetite For Destruction

I started collecting records when I was in 5th grade. Like A Virgin was my very first “adult” album. That’s what I liked to call it back then. Everything else before that was Disney. I bought vinyl because my dad did. He had a great collection that he started when he was 16. Lots of Beatles and Nancy Sinatra. I didn’t switch to cd until Like A Prayer came out.

Appetite For Destruction was a part of my vinyl years. Unfortunately I sold most of them when I went to college. I loved the convenience and portability of compact discs, so I didn’t see the need to keep my records. I should’ve just given them to my dad. I was an idiot. I haven’t repurchased the 1987 version of this record yet. I just have the reissue now.  Still one of my favorite records I ever owned.


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