Today’s Albums 01.03.2017


These are 9 of the 15 albums that  Vinyl Me, Please listed as the most overlooked albums of 2016. Several of these are great for a quiet night at home. Sip some wine, or coffee, and curl up with a good book. Or leave the book on the shelf and just enjoy the soft melodies.

Esperanza Spalding ‎  Emily’s D+Evolution

Kacy & Clayton   Strange Country

Told Slant   Going By

If you’re looking for the right soundtrack to your isolation from the rest of the world, these are your albums. Sometimes you just need that peace and quiet with your cup of coffee. Make time for yourself this new year. Put on Strange Country or Going By, close your eyes, and just breathe.

Alex Cameron   Jumping the Shark

Jumping the Shark is listed under ‘rock’ but there is a nice, simple synth sound to this album. Less is more for Mr. Cameron. Moody but purposeful, this album will take you away like Calgon.

Omni   Deluxe

Brandy Clark ‎  Big Day In A Small Town

Ray Lamontagne   ‎Ouroboros

Pinegrove ‎  Cardinal

Jessy Lanza ‎  Oh No

Jessy has such a great sound. Think 80’s synthpop + R&B. Never Enough has me bouncing in my chair while I type these words. Turn it up!


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