The Princess Diarist



Don’t file this under just a book review.

If you ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you what my favorite movie is. Like so many kids from my generation, Star Wars transported us out of our reality and sent us on a journey that we never forgot. 40 years later, Star Wars is still a cultural reference and Princess Leia a cultural icon.

We all have our own feelings and memories tied into our favorite movies. Mine has to do with my best friend Ame’. When I moved into the house across the street from her, I was 4 and she was 2. She literally is the first friend I can remember making, not counting family and cousins. We were both giggly, imaginative kids that never had a boring day growing up. If it was nice out, we played outside. If it was raining, we played outside. One of our favorite things to play was Star Wars. I had many action figures and the beloved Millennium Falcon, but we usually role played our favorite characters. Ame’ was Princess Leia and I was Luke Skywalker. If another kid was playing with us, they were stuck playing Darth Vader. Sorry, not sorry.

Ame’ died in 2013. She was a month shy of her 37th birthday. She was my real life Princess Leia. Then 2016 took my cinematic Princess Leia, too. Carrie Fisher was more than Leia Organa, but for all intents and purposes, both princesses were gone now.


Carrie Fisher is a great writer. I read Wishful Drinking twice and I wished it had been longer. I couldn’t get enough. The Princess Diarist is longer, but it didn’t fulfill me as much as her first autobiography. Carrie put part of her diary that she wrote in 1976 during the making of Star Wars into this book, and they’re interesting, but I find her flashback stories more entertaining. I love her word usage. She always finds just the right word to use so that every sentence is precise and poignant. This was a fun, quick read.

I’ll always connect Carrie Fisher to Star Wars and Star Wars to Ame’. May the Force be with them both.


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