And so it begins…


Another year full of hope and resolutions. Set a goal only to give up later. We’ve all been there. This year I just want to do more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff. How can I disappoint myself if my goals are just “less” or “more”? We can all exercise more, help around the house more, eat better, and take more time for ourselves. But maybe we need more adventures, learn to cook, try a new dance, visit with friends more, hug more, and compliment more. Write that book you’ve always thought about. Send more snail mail, because who doesn’t like to get something other than bills and junk mail?

These aren’t goals to just better myself. I have goals that will bring my husband and I closer together. Making sure we set time aside to explore the city together, cook together, see a movie together, or just try something new together. Same with my friends; I need more time with them.

I want to take the time to write more this year. (I guess I’m off to a good start!) Anything is better than nothing. This blog will be a great way to get me in the rhythm of writing Consistently. I have a few bigger writing goals, but I’ll tell you about them later.

I plan to take a photo everyday for the next year. I’ve started this daunting task before and I fell behind. This is the year it  will stick! I just know it. I took a photo of the first 2017 sunrise this morning.

This blog isn’t just about resolutions and not sweating the small or incredibly complex stuff. It’s just a place for me to share, and share I will.


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